Ritchie Greer - CEO

Ritchie is an award-winning writer and director who is also the CEO of Magic Arrow Films. He has numerous credits on IMDb as a writer and director. Most recently, his short film, "Lost and Found," won Best Drama Short at a prestigious international film festival.

native of North Carolina, Ritchie moved to Los Angeles to pursue his goal of making films that will appeal to a huge demographic. He has extensive experience in production as well as post-production work and editing.

itchie knows that a superior quality reel is vital in order to grab the attention of casting agents and other industry professionals. 

Amber Wegner

Managing Partner & Executive Producer

Amber Wegner is an ambitious actor, inspiring writer, and a very driven producer. She is co-owner, creative partner and executive producer with Magic Arrow Films. Magic Arrow Films has many exciting projects currently in production.  Amber was recently featured in PEOPLE MAGAZINE for her role in DISNEY'S film, A WRINKLE IN TIME.

Amber has studied her craft  with Laura Gardner, at  Howard Fine Studios in Hollywood, California.  Prior to studying at Howard Fine, she also trained diligently with John Rosenfeld at his studios in West Hollywood, California. Amber has also trained and performed at Second City, Hollywood and The Bert Hilkes Studio.   

In 2013, Amber decided to dedicate her professional life to pursuing her passion in acting, screenwriting and film production.  Amber was born in Sacramento, California and moved to Los Angeles from Maui to pursue her acting career.