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Two kids end up running for their lives after witnessing the murder of their uncle on a camping trip in the mountains. Will the wildlife play an important role in the kids’ fight for life and will they be able to survive in the untamed wilderness?

Gabby's perfect world is shattered after her father's surprising suicide. She then decides to follow her fathers footsteps and end her life.Fueled by guilt and regret she goes on a the same journey her father did the day he passed. On this journey the truth will reveal to her about her father's death, and she will find answers to question's she has been searching for.

Mike Wilder, an electrician by trade, married the woman of his dreams. Life was great until a terrible tragedy revealed that his wife was really an evil witch whose sole purpose was to sacrifice his life in order to prolong hers. He then learns that he, along with his entire bloodline, is cursed because of something that happened long ago. He must find a way to destroy the evil before the evil destroys him

This is a mystical tale about a young girl named Mindy and her enchanted journey to find her lost pony. But this is not just any pony; this pony is said to have magical powers that will lead to the hidden treasures of Catclaws Mountain. While on this brave adventure, Mindy and her rag tag group of friends uncover hidden secrets that will change their lives forever.

A young girl meets a boxing coach and they quickly form a bond based on their mutual struggles with their own addictions.